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Like BLOOD, Like Honey or The Things I’ll Do For A Pretty Face

Morning. Single-digit AM. I’ve been fighting monsters for the last half hour. Kill the red spikey one ONLY to impress the busty nurse floating on an oversized syringe. She’s a real-life blood drawing nurse, ya know. You should feel honoured to be in her presence.

I’m playing Killer is Dead.

“She Will” by Savages is playing in my headphones.
that good time loving harlot…

I’ve failed my task enough times to break out the music. This is now a task that I will repeat until the kinetic rhythm embeds itself into my muscle memory.

She will she will she will she will… crones the vocalist in my ear. I’ll still be there in ten minutes. Still failing yet refusing to give up. The busty nurse is still unimpressed. Continue reading Like BLOOD, Like Honey or The Things I’ll Do For A Pretty Face

we are.

For tonight’s entry for poetry month, I decided to experiment with Twine and create the poem in an interactive form. It’s  a strange, cut apart interactive poem. I tried something similar a year ago with my canceled project “June,” but from a very different perspective. It’s buried with references, quotes that have burned in my mind, and lyrics that evoked a time and place, all mingling with a sort of exploded consciousness that explores “we.”

Let’s begin.