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in selves.

there were
a hundred billion selves
though there exist only records of few
digital film
exposed to zeitgeist
developed in innocent passions

i buried them
first in funeral pyres
then without ceremony
when we realized
no ocean could bear
a tear for each phantom

now in breaths that come
between the two full faces of heaven
we swallow the passed
become heavy with history
tattoo time on our skin.



logo for the clickbliss site


*Via the magic of 3DS Streetpass and Twitter I’ve managed to secure a paying job writing about videogames. Indeed. You can catch me writing copy over at GamerTell now. I’ll be doing news, previews, reviews, and the occasional feature.

*In a similar vein, I’ve started up clickbliss with a few friends. We’ll be looking to write about games, technology, music, and culture. At the moment the site is still under construction and without content, but we’ve set our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Soundcloud up for action as well. I’ll be acting as editor-in-chief, systems manager, social media editor, as well as doing art and all the techy nonsense. So basically this should prove to be a lot of work. Material will be rolling in soon.

*I’m working on two tarot based projects in my spare time:
-One is a card game that I’m the process of fleshing out the rules to. After there is a solid foundation I hope to create some cards and playtest it.
-The other is a set of stories titled THE FORTUNE TELLER which revolve around a lot of mythological elements. While I initially intended to write it as a set of poems in the style of “From the Mouth of the Stars” the plot and backstories are starting to become detailed to the point where I’m considering writing it instead a set of stylized short stories. So far there are many moons, civilizations rising and falling, nymphs, the world tree and all manner of nonsense going on.

That’s all for now. I’ll be hoping to be updating this with more detailed progress reports and previews of my work, and perhaps some more art or comics soon.
As always you can look for me on all the nonsense social media channels, which are also annoyingly attached to the sidebar on the right there.



“Word of the Master”
Personal handwriting, in-game world map, Photoshop.
Inspired by a quote from Soul Blazer, developed by Enix. Based on a poem, found here.


sometimes when i am a lover i am a fighter
a punch, kick, slap, biter
sometimes when i love
i am a lover in violence
sometimes when we play
i am king, she is queen, she is princess
sometimes when we play
she is queen, i am prince, i am princes
sometimes when we dance we tread upon intention
knees kiss earth
her kisses held in tension
sometimes when i am a lover i am animal
lips, neck, breasts, legs
i am cannibal.


they call me prophet
all puzzle, kid Hughes
modern day Langston
speaks of rivers
my Harlem is the Nile
lie down in shadow
bathe in Brooks (,) Gwendolyn
take a look
as I lurk late, strike straight
sing sin praises
hang ups
as i write persuasion

turn coat as i
learn to be Black
faces, traces
of color runningĀ  up my hands
borders bleeding
I’ve conceded
that my conceit
is no more than the others
in awe at this wash of talent
less bodies able more
minds in need of action
aspirin addled acetate against
needles scratching
skin deep
web wasted minds
no love.

I am Picasso’s blue mood.

and he said:

eyes i cannot see
for haze
covers them
with dreamday stanzas
or poetry once
written of fall
when autumn leaves
hold memories
drawn poster thick in hideous
scrawls upon your body i’ve
lost at sea the perfect
lips pressed upon
my beached feelings
tangled seaweed drowned
in foam and kisses
upon my crown
that hold up sky scraper’s
glass clouds
my vision rain slicked
wet hair with fingers fit
necks kissed
you at the place where we once
twisted our limbs into wood knots
in the fibers that held our
perfect words
we never said
the lips to the chest through
the canals of you ear
lay your hands on me
lay your lover to rest.