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I can never hurt him. I throw my fists at him, kick him, swear and yell until my chest is stinging with sharp agony. Nothing. He stands and laughs in the haze of half memory, looking down upon me. His arms are against my shoulders, knees to my legs and his body pinning down mine. I’m slip my shoulder. I ‘m going to take my swing. One last ti–

“GODDAMMITTHATFUCKINHURT!” I wake up sitting straight up in bed, fist outstretched, shoulder hot with anger and pain. Cass is straddling me, face turned away, hands grasping at her jaw trying to contain the pain. “Damn, V. You could have just told me you didn’t want to get up.” She turns back to me and her expression softens. “Having the dream again?”

“I think so. But who knows, maybe my body was just reacting to you trying to rape me.” She smirks at me and I grab her wrists and twist her under me. “Shame on you, trying to take advantage of a girl while she sleeps. I think maybe I should show you what it feels like.” She mockingly mouths horror at the idea before slipping out of my grip, collapsing me on my side and punching me in the boob as she rolls out of bed.

“Nice try, Evangeline, but last time I checked you didn’t have the equipment, or the balls to do it.”

She slips into the hall and I give chase, following her to the kitchen where breakfast is have laid on the table. “Neutral ground!” she sputters from the other side.


I pin her between my arms against the counter, rattling the sugar jar as I press my forehead against her and lock my gaze onto her sky blue eyes.

“If you two are going to waste my effort making your mornings incredible, at least behave yourself for a moment so I can get some sugar for my tea, yeah?”

Cass peeks out from behind me as I turn my head to see Jean steeping a bag of earl gray with a look of amusement. He moves to grab the sugar jar behind us but Cass intercepts him, hopping back onto the counter while simultaneously moving her arm into his way then wrapping her legs around me to ensure I can’t clear his path. Jean I exchange looks and she moves in for the kill, nibbling at his neck. He clamps her down between his neck and shoulder before moving away. “Sweet,” he remarks before smirking and raising his hand to reveal a sugar cube, then plopping it into his tea and taking a long, exaggerate sip. “Now let’s eat, hmm?”

We sit down, with Cass serving up the dishes while forcing me back to my seat while I try to help.
“Cass, I’ve been living her for a half year already. You don’t need to keep treating me like a guest.”
“Maybe I like spoiling you. Ever think of that?”

She makes sure to lay down heaps of bacon and waffles in front of me.

“You seriously think I’m going to eat all of this?”

“You can certainly afford to,” she sneers, pinching my arm. “You’re skin and bones.”

“Maybe my frame can take it, but my poor heart won’t.”

She leans in and sets her hand on my chest. “I’ll just have to be sure to give it a tough workout.” My heart jumps. A playful look flickers from her eyes and into the golden light reflecting off her hair. I can’t help but glance down her shirt at her breasts. She catches me and I blush.

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