Mind Map

Welcome to my mind. Feel free to explore around and check out the view. Just don’t touch anything important. While you’re here, why not check out my ramblings on these various subjects:

Who? What?
-find out here
This Time It’s Persona
-ramblings on my experiences with the final moments of Persona 3.
Lost Summer Days and Neverwinter Nights

-tangential reflections on memories, growing older, and the people you meet along the way: inspired by a now defunct weekly Neverwinter Nights gaming group.
Bullets of the Sun
-observations of death and consequence in the burning savannas of Far Cry 2.
Russian Disasterpeace
-expeditions into the Zone of the STALKER series, under the watch of a heavy atmosphere.
Chasing Ghosts
-explorations of the zen state of racing
– breakdowns of war obsessed action games

there’s also some of my artwork and the like, if you’re into that sort of thing:

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