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From the Mouth of the Stars VII: From the River Caravan We Sing the Night

black earth heaves forth
reveals a grave, the tones of nightbirds
through waves of grass
roots of a wizened willow grasp my fingers
entagle my limbs

your held breath releases me, your
grasp undone
as a branch would snap from its tree
somewhere my clock is ticking, to a metronome
of our River song

I leave my heart with yours, a lantern
as my body joins my brothers and sisters

you bow to me
knees buckled, a beggar

your footsteps are a breath away
as my lungs deposit life back to the earth

my Mother,
brothers and sisters
welcome me with their silence
I join the caravan of the voiceless River

your footsteps
are our metronome
our hearts
lay percussion

we hum from the womb of our Mother’s carriage
as you speak the lyrics of a silent spring song

your River tangles the molecules of our lost breaths
saturates our caravan of the womb

our minds
collected written with the knowledge, shaped
onto your Moonlit Slate

a song not heard in a millennium

we sing of tired breaths
we sing of Rivers
we sing of a twilit sky
we sing of a midnight of black
we sing of a hundred age winter
we sing of the day his touch
crossed the space between, stars
and earth

we sing of the day when you are reunited with our Mother
our world shall collapse
heart of our Mother
shall flood with the River’s love
cross the space between
sing out with
the voice of a universe

we sing a thousand voices deep
you weep, cleanse
the chambers of sorrow and sin
the heat of your love
ignites the sun
with a passion that sears the midnight of guilt away

I dream of the many lovers you’ll have
and how I will meet them at the River’s crossing

From the Mouth of the Stars VI: In the Passing of Midnight, In the Mourning of the Day

on this night your lips speak my name

and I

 who can no longer remember how to love any other
am at your side
we lie down in shadow
a flicker of moonlight in your eyes

your words
frighten and shame me
for I cannot recall why I am here
my words cannot match yours, tender
soft with a sadness of a thousand lost songs
you cry out, as if the heavens would answer you

“O, the Saints have not been kind
have I this gift to give another
but not a soul of which to give
have I these words to weave
only with a soul to share
have I memories
of songs a thousand voices deep
O, my hands do hold sorrow
for keep might my memories these voices
my simple hands will not play the instruments of remembrance”

your tears,
a thousand mirrors of the Moon, pierce the fabric of night
I bless you lips with a kiss
our bodies bound with ribbons of white heat
your heart, shelled in age tempered ambivalence
sets alight with the passion of a nova
consumes the black whole of every night
sears my body with mad love

you pour your river into me
as the columns of morning peel back the cast shadows
I twine my fingers with yours
my breath holds tight, the River
the Night

quickly, I am becoming an old soul

From the Mouth of the Stars V: I Am the Last Light, of the Last Star

and with your words
the final drop of the River
is consumed by the arrow of Orion
a willow o’ wisp
passing through a sky

featureless save for the harvest Moon

as they grasp at your heels
with prayers and pleas
I stand with my eyes skyward to yours
a monolith in a nest of beggars

my eyes flicker with the passing warmth of the heavens
you bow to me, tabula rasa
speak, but soft
“You are the last child of the Moon,
and I, of the Stars.
You are hot with the ambition of youth,
untempered by the sorrows of your Mother.
May our paths cross,
may these poor souls seek your guidance.”

your footsteps behind me
it is I who realize

without a Star, a Moon is but dark
I am to be the last light, of the last star

From the Mouth of the Stars IV: The Last Note of the River Song, the First Tear of our Mother

so it was written
collected in the glassy rasps of my grandfather’s voice
“the song of spilled midnight”

the swords of men
pierce the bodies of the other
pour open the mouth of the River
with the crimson life of their brothers

each sides’ righteous anger
dye the lips of our Mother black

your footseps
quiet the waters
halt the breath of the River Jordan
tongues still
blades untemper

you speak few words
yet each man turns to an animal
cries out with hate for the other
with the rights of their own

your every heartbeat
a reminder
of a hundred lives witnessing such sin and sorrow

as the last of the moonlight
fades from your eyes
each chamber of your heart

you speak
with a song
harsh with the heat of the stars themselves

“This is the fire you have all asked for.
And for each you will have your desire.
The groves of your brothers’ shall wither and die.
And as they desire, so shall yours.”

with a single breath
you swallow
the River
its every Sea
its every Ocean
pour the River Jordan
into the twilight of the stars
every constellation washed from a sky
whose fabric is dyed
with the reflection of a midnight black earth


From the Mouth of the Stars III: A Heart Chambered with Sins and Sorrows

upon my head
rests your hand

and you

who have lived the lives of a hundred men
look down
and bless

with a smile
in my naivety
I am the only one who stands
in the sea of people whose
heads bow
knees buckle in
your presence




in my naivety
who is yet to believe
or understand the words
of prophets


with a heart
chambered with sins and sorrows
whose every beat
is a reminder of deeds
which command the awe of this sea
whose every beat
is a reminder of guilt
that is yet to come


who will be there
when the last drop of that compassion
is swallowed

From the Mouth of the Stars II: With a Heart That Burns as Stars Will

in a seed
beneath the tongue of the Earth
a song
carries forth your body
from our Mother’s molten womb

you are born
a boy
with ambition reflecting
as the Moon carries the light of the stars

your arms
bury into the skin of our Mother
you carry the journey
of the spaces between the heavens
and our earth

a seed
of the spaces in between
you will live until those spaces

are no longer

From the Mouth of the Stars I: To Grasp Beyond the Reach of Gods

so it came to pass

that in the heat death of the universe
formed his beating heart
threaded in weaves
which overcame our own sun with its light

from the mouth of the stars
reached out his hand
with ambition
grasping beyond the reach of the gods
he pulls himself to our Mother
entangles his seed in the roots of her womb

we breathe the night
come morning
You will walk as we do
upon the belly of our Mother