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sometimes when i am a lover i am a fighter
a punch, kick, slap, biter
sometimes when i love
i am a lover in violence
sometimes when we play
i am king, she is queen, she is princess
sometimes when we play
she is queen, i am prince, i am princes
sometimes when we dance we tread upon intention
knees kiss earth
her kisses held in tension
sometimes when i am a lover i am animal
lips, neck, breasts, legs
i am cannibal.


they call me prophet
all puzzle, kid Hughes
modern day Langston
speaks of rivers
my Harlem is the Nile
lie down in shadow
bathe in Brooks (,) Gwendolyn
take a look
as I lurk late, strike straight
sing sin praises
hang ups
as i write persuasion

turn coat as i
learn to be Black
faces, traces
of color runningĀ  up my hands
borders bleeding
I’ve conceded
that my conceit
is no more than the others
in awe at this wash of talent
less bodies able more
minds in need of action
aspirin addled acetate against
needles scratching
skin deep
web wasted minds
no love.

I am Picasso’s blue mood.

ricotta and company.

ricotta and company

I’ve begun a new channel with some friends where I’ll be taking on various games topics. I’m hoping to provide a little bit more than the typical perspectives. The channel will be curated and run by myself, teaming up with others to provide more perspectives and additional content. Our intro video is below, so take a look and keep an eye on the channel for more soon.

You may notice that I’m not using my typical moniker of “siegarettes” for the channel. While I’ve been striving recently to remain consistent across various channels by using that name, I felt that for the purposes of the medium I would require a different persona. While still as passionate and serious, I find that it works better if I keep it more lighthearted and give it an extra flair for the performance. The medium demands a sharpness and brevity that works against my typical writing style.

As for the moniker itself, ricotta is a name I’ve used before on my Let’s Play! channel and before in various forms while online. It began as handle for the online portion of Call of Duty 2, where I wanted something brief, and the word was the first that came to mind. It works as a reference to the Ricky Ricotta and His Giant Robot kids books and is a bit offbeat. The name of the channel comes from a play on words from a previous version of the name “ricottango” a combination of the two words I chose simply for the sound. Shortened, the name comes to “ricotta and co.” which is where I derived the name.

Obviously, I am a bit neurotic.

i speak of the Elephant Men, of course.

a radio drama-ish version of part one of my short story “The Elephant Men”.
the original is here.