late. slow from the curve the light catches my lens.
expect delays due to heavy passenger load

i stand. clamber upon.
wristbands clatter boxed water

 sit. give to fatigue.
metal below echoes echo

clamber clamber chatter chatter

from drinks to heavy clutterload
this tin can is packt

hood up wings crumble at the touch keep the walls from narrowing
okay that i’m thin tougher than you think
i bet you get this all the time
i bet you get this all the time

 they talk about that show i hear
tremble, for yourself my man
tremble, little lion man

 and they ask for me to share my goods? but
my gestured offering
it was only a tease only a tease

 where were they
that they must be here
reading void train pamphlets
bar hopping
into the post-midnight?

 can i



and the clock tower greets
fatigued with familiarity
daydreams end with mechanical night routines
hoping to discharge this mind with slumped shoulders and a laid head.

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