letters for June, for which there are no replies.

Black Lion Theatre. I can see the screen from here. Phone numbers coming on, sex, brunettes, blue panties and rolled up stockings. I get a double text that reads “..ever”. She’s not coming, is she?

The sky is an eye of fire, as if God is making himself known. A new number from the other. An overlong explanation I can’t make out. I think she’s moving away with him. Should I call?


I originally intended to create an interactive Twine story revolving around my thoughts around this time last year, but instead I’ve taken those and created a small journal online of abstract tidbits coming from then. I’m hoping that as these letters continue a story will begin to form and a character will be created.

You can find it here:


I’ll update you with major events as the story progresses. By answering questions on the site events may change as well.

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