input/output two

i am writing because i want to live.

Because my blood is boiling with the unexpressed desire for creation. My heart tight with pressured heat, beating the lust of creation with each breath.

A desire to violate and penetrate your heart, remove you dignity and shame and become for a very moment the ecstatic animals that we know we are in this moment of fleeting undeniable melding of minds.

i am writing because i need to expand beyond this—a place where my headspace is empty except for the thoughts of my own head. i need to consume your mind and leave myself vulnerable so that you can take everything from me and show me that you will give it all back when you have had your fun. So i am creating this little place where you can have you get right inside my head and understand it. So you can pry it apart, tear it to pieces, hold each piece to ransom and you carve your own little niche and then fuck every corner of my mind until you are satisfied that you have left a bit of yourself in every piece of me.

Because i am inviolable but not pristine. i am not correct, appropriate or acceptable and i am happy to be that way. My kindness doesn’t not preclude an animal desire for the flesh of your mind and the violent discourse that is our intellectual intercourse. So please please please, take this moment to do whatever the fuck you please and control what might otherwise be sacred.

Desecrate the church of my mind. Put me on my hands, knees, let me pray for your mercy.
In this moment, you are God.

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