Club Nowhere: Let’s Jam!

For all the writing I do, I’ve neglected to do any writing on music. Mostly because I feel there are people more qualified to write about it, but also because I get caught up in the sound and find it hard to think and properly enjoy these jams.

However, if you like my work, you might have a chance of enjoying my taste in music. While I unsurprisingly enough quite a bit of electronic music, my tastes are so eclectic that they span many genres and styles, so there’s something here for everyone to love, and everyone to hate. So here we are, Club Nowhere. Let the jams begin:

Like much of my music, I was lead here by tenuous links to various videogame sites. MOON brings the kind of 80’s tinged electronic sound that artists like M83 bring to the scene. Here the mixtape layers on multiple, and at times conflicting, sounds that lead into each other, bringing an early hip hop vibe to some of the proceedings.

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