“Private Brad Turner was killed in the line of duty. This brave soldier single-handedly defeated 79 enemies and never gave up fighting for 2 long years. He died for the freedom that we all cherish. Brad is survived by his wife, Lisa, and sons, Chris and Rob. Go in peace, Brad. We will remember your sacrifice, always.”

He died a hero. Honor his legacy.

We Want YOU! is a game of war. You will bring death to the enemy. You will gun them down, sneak up behind them with your knife, fire rockets at them and set them on fire. You will free prisoners of war.

You will die.
And another young recruit will follow in your steps.

I can’t seem to find the words, so I’ll let the words of Patrick Dugan explain it:

“The real genius of this game, its phantasm, is not so obvious. Initially you think to yourself “ok, I get it, militarism as a dumb, fun action game, nice skin job”. But then you keep playing because it´s a damn fun action game, and something happens to you after so many run-throughs. First you experience these teased flickers of hope, the Presidential promises to withdraw, the idea that like Spelunky there has to be an end to the thing, and then hope vanishes. In the process you get very good at the game in order to survive 4 or 5 years, you become a ruthless, psychotic killer. Then you start to wonder why it’s so difficult to make that progress, as if you are sabotaging yourself. You die firing a bullet at an enemy who simultaneously fires at you, you die jumping at the other guy’s face, you die facing down a rocket. You become consumed with the madness, until you get the big epiphany, not the least of which is the secret irony that this game is no skin-job at all, but masterfully weaves its implications with its gameplay.

The epiphany is very simple: the dominant strategy is to avoid combat, not to seek it out. ”


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