JUNE devlog: a letter not meant to be read

At the moment I’ve changed the name of the project slightly to “JUNE,” as now the name stands both for the month it occurred in, as well as being a stand in for my ex’s name.

“JUNE,” also serves as the opening for the letter, just the person’s name. No modifiers, no “Dear June,” or the like. While I no longer have the same feelings, I think it’s important that I maintain the same tone and state of mind that I had at the time, no matter how ugly. It feels more genuine that way, and will allow me to reflect on what I was thinking and feeling at the time with the advantage of hindsight.

Starting the writing for the project in letter form as allowed me to give it a more organic link between the fragments of insight into the situation and states of mind that are now electronically recorded for the world to see. I’ve also found that highlighting certain words allows me to more organically transition into similar fragments and give it a spiral down effect, likely into a state of such deep emotional responses that it will likely have to transition into the more surreal or poetic late night pieces. I would however like that to be very near the end, and only when appropriate for the train of thought.

Another overarching theme that I’ve seen is that most of them have been late at night. A recurring time is 3AM as well as 4AM, so it’s possible I can use those as a guide for the overarching narrative.

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