under the weather

if i was water, i’d pour myself from the clouds and drench your skin
if i was air, i’d fill your lungs with fresh winter, and caress your fingers with a taste of spring
if i was fire, i’d send summer rays to dance along your neck, shoulder, and spine.
if i was the earth, i’d turn my saplings into trees, and make your body and eyes heavy as i cradle you in a hammock strung between them.

if i was him, I’d soak your skin in my kisses
i’d breathe joy into your lungs as our lips cavort
set that joy alight with passion through the heat of our bodies
make your body heavy with pleasure, as our hips sway and rock together

yet i am not. i only leave an imprint in the memories of your four chambered heart
doomed to be the static between frequencies, the distant uncommunicated thought between broken phone lines
a reflection in a puddle
a ghost of sunshine between the leaves
the last wisp of a flame
a sapling. trampled underfoot.

a sigh, in the dreamer’s mind.

-from the depths of my late night twitter.

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