JUNE: heartbreak in reverse chronological order

Today i started development on a new project, an interactive text adventure I will be creating using Twine.

It is tentatively titled “JUNE” and i intend it to be a sort of interactive chronicle of my state of mind during my breakup with a longtime girlfriend. Of course as an “artist” i thought it might be better to channel this into some sort of artwork, and it just might help me deal with the strange circumstances surrounding it.

My initial plan was to use relevant twitter posts and link them together with an overarching narrative. However, as i started to round up said tweets, it became increasingly obvious that i needed to find more personal material to make it work. With that i rounded up a couple of Facebook conversations and statuses (the names will likely be struck, and the content modified).

In addition, i’m looking to take a more “surreal” approach to the story and focus on the feelings and imagery that i conjured up during the course of this month. i’d rather it be a surreal trip through my emotional mind than a bland retelling of a sob story. It will also be quite a challenge to make this “interactive”. Twine basically creates hyperlinks between passages. This can be used to either create a “choose your adventure” style story, or can be used to mark off certain keywords in the text to take you to other places. I’m leaning toward the latter, since i’d like the reader to “dive” non-linearly into the passage, with one keyword leading to stranger and stranger imagery.

At this point it seems more feasible to write in a detached, third person perspective. However, I’d like to keep it in a first person perspective as i feel that would be more personal and draw the reader into my mindset a bit more.

This will be a tough balancing act for sure, and considering how little experience i have with such narrative focused “gameplay”, the tools, and with writing about a subject like this in general, its damn near probable that i will end up failing miserably and make a mess of this entire thing, scrapping it and resurrecting it in another form.

I also realize how damn pretentious this whole project is. i don’t really expect many people to want to play this egotistical indulgence of a diary, but heartbreak does tend to bring out some quite good art, so it’s worth a shot.


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