From the Mouth of the Stars VII: From the River Caravan We Sing the Night

black earth heaves forth
reveals a grave, the tones of nightbirds
through waves of grass
roots of a wizened willow grasp my fingers
entagle my limbs

your held breath releases me, your
grasp undone
as a branch would snap from its tree
somewhere my clock is ticking, to a metronome
of our River song

I leave my heart with yours, a lantern
as my body joins my brothers and sisters

you bow to me
knees buckled, a beggar

your footsteps are a breath away
as my lungs deposit life back to the earth

my Mother,
brothers and sisters
welcome me with their silence
I join the caravan of the voiceless River

your footsteps
are our metronome
our hearts
lay percussion

we hum from the womb of our Mother’s carriage
as you speak the lyrics of a silent spring song

your River tangles the molecules of our lost breaths
saturates our caravan of the womb

our minds
collected written with the knowledge, shaped
onto your Moonlit Slate

a song not heard in a millennium

we sing of tired breaths
we sing of Rivers
we sing of a twilit sky
we sing of a midnight of black
we sing of a hundred age winter
we sing of the day his touch
crossed the space between, stars
and earth

we sing of the day when you are reunited with our Mother
our world shall collapse
heart of our Mother
shall flood with the River’s love
cross the space between
sing out with
the voice of a universe

we sing a thousand voices deep
you weep, cleanse
the chambers of sorrow and sin
the heat of your love
ignites the sun
with a passion that sears the midnight of guilt away

I dream of the many lovers you’ll have
and how I will meet them at the River’s crossing

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