From the Mouth of the Stars V: I Am the Last Light, of the Last Star

and with your words
the final drop of the River
is consumed by the arrow of Orion
a willow o’ wisp
passing through a sky

featureless save for the harvest Moon

as they grasp at your heels
with prayers and pleas
I stand with my eyes skyward to yours
a monolith in a nest of beggars

my eyes flicker with the passing warmth of the heavens
you bow to me, tabula rasa
speak, but soft
“You are the last child of the Moon,
and I, of the Stars.
You are hot with the ambition of youth,
untempered by the sorrows of your Mother.
May our paths cross,
may these poor souls seek your guidance.”

your footsteps behind me
it is I who realize

without a Star, a Moon is but dark
I am to be the last light, of the last star

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