A Star Chart for the Mouth of Stars

Poetry is an infinite landscape.
There are techniques and places that expand beyond the minds of humanity.

As long as there is longing, there is poetry.

From the Mouth of the Stars is a piece that was the result of experimentation within the techniques and landscapes of poetry. It expanded from a single impromptu piece, to a multi-sectional  epic, bathed in mythology.

On the surface, it’s the story of an immortal, a doomed love, and the death of it all. Beneath that?
It’s a cathartic release of a million emotional states compressed in the author’s mind, and spilled with still untempered poetic voice.

I’m putting it out here for all of you.

p.s. since the poem is split into pieces, and I intend it to be read as such, i will be putting it in sections, use the categories to filter out the rest of the post 😉

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