Russian Disasterpeace: Zone of Respect

The Zone demands respect.

It is a harsh place where a single bullets can see you bleed to death. Radioactive vehicles litter the corpse of what was once an industrious city, unpredictable creatures demand a keen eye. There are many anomalies: near invisible.
Take a swig of vodka to calm your irradiated nerves.

Welcome to the world of STALKER.

It’s a strange world for sure. An oppressive atmosphere hangs over you at all times. Packs of mutant dogs fight off in the distance, bandits roam in search of powerful and enigmatic artifacts created by the many anomalies.
My first foray into the Zone was a strange one. At the time I had yet to become the obsessive reader and critic I am now. STALKER was a game that was beyond my reach: I didn’t have a high end PC, so I had never bothered to read any PC new sources. I’d only hear whispers of this strange game, emerging from development hell to become a cult classic.

Then one day, I finally had a laptop capable of gaming. My exposure to various outlets increased. Rock, Paper, Shotgun (which had up to then only been a resource for wonderful indie games) began to creep more and more into my life. My interest grew.

I finally procured a copy of the original for a mere 3 USD, from a local Half-Priced Books store. As recommended I installed the strangely hefty STALKER Complete mod.

I was an initiate. And I was sure to die.

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