Kingdoms of Familiarity

Kingdoms of Amalur as a game is solid. Technically, it has little to complain about.

But it lacks SOUL. Instead its a heap of names and concepts mashed together, well executed, but with only the intent to provide nothing more than surface entertainment.

Despite having Todd Mcfarlane on crew, it exudes none of his energy or style. Unlike, say, Chrono Trigger, where the artist’s hand is evident, Amalur feels unambitious and flat. The lore is apparently written with a ten thousand year history, yet that history feels like variations on a theme.

My first impression of the game was that of a more combat centric Fable, and while it lacks the schizophrenic mechanic middling of said series, it also lacks the charm and voice of it as well. For all of Peter Molyneux’s absurd statements about the ambition and scope of Fable, it still felt as if he was the guiding voice of the game.

I’ll continue on with it, but for now I’ve yet to feel invested in it.

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