a ghost in the machine

I’ve been reading Ben Abraham’s Permanent Death, a chronicle about his attempt to play Far Cry 2 with the consequence  of permanent death. That means when he dies, that’s it. Game over.

It’s well worth checking out, and it instilled in me a strong desire to give the game another chance after my shallow initial dip into it.


My first significant experience saw me snapping the structure of its script into pieces. After setting you up in the world of the war torn African area, Far Cry 2 sets you off to Mike’s Bar to pick up your first real task and some weapons. Problem is that it expects you to do it all in the order it specifies. Ignoring the instructions of my map, I walked into Mike’s Bar to find the place deserted. I then checked my map and headed into the equally deserted weapon shop to pick up some guns. Upon reentering the bar I was surprised to find it filled. A woman name Flora kept talking to me, and decided to spite me every time I walked away by restarting her speech each time.

Later on I entered a church to pick up some malaria pills from the priest. After exiting the door I was alerted that I had completed all tutorials. I walked right back into the church to find it once again empty.

I was standing at the only door.

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