Why Creative Commons?

If you check the about page of my blog, you’ll see that I license all my artwork under a Creative Commons license (more details on that page).


Aren’t I afraid that someone is going to rip my stuff off and pass it off as their own? Maybe someone will take it and not give me credit?

My reason is simple. Ever since I found out about Creative Commons (primarily due to Trent Reznor licensing his entire GHOSTS 1-5 album with it) I thought it would be a brilliant way to both protect and share my work.

On one hand, you do need to protect your work. That’s what copyright it for, correct? On the other hand, most people just want a nice, high quality image to make their desktop, save, and enjoy later. Sticking ©, ®, and TM, with watermarks all over the image sours that enjoyment a lot. Personally I find that its severely annoys me, to the point where I sometimes lose a bit of respect for the artist.

Speaking honestly, I’m not the most skilled artist, and if someone likes my images, or thinks they are good enough to copy, hell! That’s a compliment. Most of us imitate and rip off artists we respect anyway, everything is a remix.

Of course, if someone starts making money of my stuff, I’d have to step in ask for credit, but that’s a whole nother story.

Finally, Creative Commons gives a chance for others to spread your work all over the net and popularize your work. While it may not be on the scale that the aforementioned GHOSTS 1-5 spread (I smile every time I hear a track from that album in a trailer or game), its nothing but good publicity.

Besides, we all know once you put something on the internet it doesn’t belong to you anymore.

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