This Time It’s Persona

Persona 3 is complete.

Just this month I wrapped up the final chapter of Persona 3 Portable. In the time I’ve been playing it I’ve gone through at least three different PSP units (including one PSV) and multiple copies, both UMD and digital. It’s taken over 54 hours.

It doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. Towards the end it became a slog through endless battles and tired trials. I wanted it to be over 10 hours ago.

Yet, its a somber occasion. It feels like a goodbye. I’ve finally put it behind me, yet I want to go back, learn what happened with the social links I left incomplete. There are relationships that are in limbo. People I will never know.

It’s too familiar.
My tension is not with how the game is crafted, but with the circumstances in which I finally completed it. An ending that I couldn’t have experienced at any other point in my life.

The final stretch took place during a sleepless night. The hours burned away into morning and by the time I finally set the game down, I was as tired as the protagonist at the end of the game. I closed my eyes.

No dreams would come for me.

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