Lost Summer Days and Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights is a game that is beyond me.

Its complex DnD architecture is built on a rule book more vast and epic than the bible. The sheer weight of the menus causes my brain to seize shut. It many ways its a game that represents my still immature self, sure of his identity, but without the resolve or strength to hold it together.

Today I’ve finally realized my ambition of creating a party to tackle Neverwinter Nights’ bottomless campaign. Despite having many brothers multiplayer sessions of gaming are a rare occurrence these days. Changing interests, age differences, and schedules are to blame of course, but it saddens me that the comradery of our younger years is passing.

In every modern day there is less time than those days of my youth. Aside from particular co-workers, my girlfriend and schoolmates my days are void of contact with friends I used to know so well. This little ragtag party: inexperienced, unlearned, and blind, it’s more than entertainment. For the first time in recent memory I’ve had something close to a social experience.

Time will dictate if it lasts.

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